Break-Bulk Cargo Tally and condition surveys

Our break bulk cargo tally and condition survey procedure aims at helping Masters, Shore Superintendents, Ship’s cargo officers and chartering managers to understand the needs of hold preparation before a load of break-bulk cargoes. Our surveyors ensure this awareness is imparted, as it can assist in preventing claims for cargo loss, additional survey costs, cargo contamination, delay to ships and in the prevention of disputes over off-hire, on hire and charter party issues.

Our break-bulk cargoes condition survey of cargo is not just about sweeping and cleaning but there are also other matters to consider and failing to adhere to good practice can result in substantial claims.

Our break bulk cargo condition survey checks

  • Cargo contamination problems.
  • Cargo stain.
  • Problems stemming from previous cargo.
  • Rust, paint flaking, and rust scale.
  • Unsanitary condition.

Our break bulk survey inspects the cargo condition and tally of goods pre-discharge and pre-shipment. We hold inspections for suitability of cargo and tightness of water before loading. Our surveyors inspect the cargo stowage and lashing before discharge and after loading. Our highly qualified surveyors investigate the damaged goods to determine the cause of damage and extent of the damage.

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