Delivery and Redelivery Surveys

The delivery and redelivery of Vessel is a critical task and shall be dealt with expertise. The operation commences with the delivery of the vessel to the control of the charterer and comes to an end with the vessel redelivery to the owner’s control.

The process of delivery and redelivery commences at the port, or at sea. There is a team who surveys the entire process.

The Survey of Delivery and Redelivery

It is very important to conduct a survey before the delivery and redelivery process for the respective accounts. We have a team who conducts the survey and prepares a single report for each operation. We make sure that there is no prejudice in our reports. There is a representative who surveys each required element and draws an unbiased final report. During the redelivery survey, our team ensures that the original report is referred to while handing over the Vessel. We ensure all the surveys are carried out within the available schedule of the Vessel. 

After the survey is complete, the team issues a survey report or a certificate of delivery. The issued certificate given by the team contains the information about fuel and diesel oil on board as well as all other relevant information. We have an experienced team to conduct the accurate delivery and redelivery surveys according to the requirement of the clients for all type of Ships.

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