Experience The Superior Standard Of Pre-Vetting Inspection for Chemical Tankers With Us

We provide comprehensive Pre-Vetting Inspection for Chemical Tankers. Our inspection reports are meant to give an appraisal of satisfaction as per the globally recognized standards. Being a reputed name in this service segment, we thoroughly understand the Chemical Distribution Institute – CDI Inspections preparation norms or questionnaires. In fact, we use globally reckoned data for application in the process of risk assessment and preparing targeted KPIs.

Our Team:

Our pre-vetting inspectors are thorough professionals acknowledged by CDI. Each of our inspectors possess needful qualifications for the concerned industry. In addition, these professionals are experienced enough in dealing with various operational procedures of the concerned sector of Shipping.

We have a special technical committee that is responsible for dealing with different CDI inspection or questionnaires. It provides the needful details for the concerned company regarding its risk assessment. At the same time, it provides useful details for ship owners, organizations dealing with Ship management, centres dealing with bulk storage, etc, and prepares comprehensive reports in accordance with the industry standard.

Our pre-vetting inspections provide a complete report that involves complete state management and functional standards. We offer guidance notes to be used by the ship professionals. Our reports are always in detailed form for a thorough understanding of inspected and collected data. We believe in keeping things simple yet straightforward, which can be easily understood by the client. One can easily get to know about the physical characteristic of the ship or the specific site through these reports.

Pre-Vetting Inspection For Chemical Tankers:

We provide comprehensive pre-vetting inspection for chemical tankers that include thorough training for crew members, in accordance with the HSSEQ system of the company. Our all-inclusive internal audits cover all types of vessels. Also, we also provide first vetting inspection companion for new developments along with the changes in vessels. We deal with a whole range of supercargo services as well. Our tank surveys include draft surveys, sampling, and all sorts of supervision tasks including specialized tank cleaning operations.

Coming to core activities, our vetting or ship inspection involves one or two days of the expedition into the vessel at the port itself. To ensure a comprehensive inspection and detailed study, we are ready to leave our inspectors for one week to ten days on board. We provide complete training on the HSSEQ system of the company, including the onboard team management, and following security procedures. Training sessions can be found to be conducted during the pre-vetting inspections.

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arjun44Experience The Superior Standard Of Pre-Vetting Inspection for Chemical Tankers With Us