Get your Vessels’ Bridge Team Management Assessment from our Expert Auditors

The main cause of most of the marine accidents is human errors like poor teamwork as well as poor individual performance. To avoid this Bridge Team Management Assessment audits are done which identify the gaps in procedures being followed with the rules and regulations and also to reduce human causes of errors.

VDR analysis or voyage data analysis is essential equipment that records any casualty on the ship and the statistics of events. The VDR helps in the visual & audio analysis while our auditors investigate using all other inputs from various equipments. They help in creating procedures to avoid accidents and improving safety. It helps in getting the shipowners and operators work according to ISM compliance and ROR compliance.

We also perform ship sailing audit which can benefit the  operators and shipping companies like:

  • They help in identifying the weaknesses of the system and helps in correcting them.
  • It helps an organization to work according to various compliances.
  • It improves the reputation of the shipping company.
  • It ensures the safety of the ship, crew as well as the environment.
  • It prepares for further issues beforehand.
  • It helps to avoid accidents and thus saving money of shipowners.

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arjun44Get your Vessels’ Bridge Team Management Assessment from our Expert Auditors