Health, Safety, Environmental, And Quality Audits (HSEQ Audits)

The HSEQ audit or health safety environment and quality audit come under the health and safety at work Act that ensures workers and other personnel are given the optimum level of safety, welfare from work risks, and protection against harm to their health. The Ship HSEQ Audits is very important as health workers, and safe workplaces can benefit everyone.

We also undertake Shipyard HSEQ audits with an objective to assess the regulatory compliance at Shipyards and for Ships docking at Yards during delivery or Dry Docks

Our expert HSEQ auditor checks many of the few listed items below:

  • The organization follows all the safety and quality rules and regulations.
  • Whether workers are following workplace and environment safety requirements and other procedures regarding compliance or not.
  • And assess various systems and methods used currently to ensure compliance.
  • All the system comply with Company’s procedures and processes.

The HSEQ ISM internal audit by external auditors can be sometimes voluntary and sometimes mandatory, but it should be done from time to time as it has many benefits like:

  • Identifying and correcting various HSEQ issues.
  • Improve workplace as well as environmental safety.
  • Increases awareness and understand the safety of environmental regulations.
  • Improves cost-effectiveness as well as efficiency.
  • It demonstrates that the organization is committed towards compliance and regulations.

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