Incident investigation

We are experts in the industry of Maritime and Cargo Investigations which provide Ship incident investigation effectively and efficiently. We carry out different investigation methods to determine reasons behind any incidents like Oil Spill, Environmental Damage, Ship property Damage, Ship Hull Damage, Theft, Cargo shortage, Cargo issues, Bill of Lading issues, Death, Injury, near misses etc.

We conduct multiple investigations such as asset searches, covert investigations, discreet due diligence and fraud investigations etc. We are a team of highly recommended and affordable professional investigators who show efficiency and expertise in their work. Our highly qualified and experienced surveyors or inspectors can perform Ship crash investigation effectively to determine the causes behind the crash as well as to ensure prevention of future incidents similar to this.

Our company representatives are based in many countries around the world in major ports. We remain very committed to our clients and provide very effective services due to which our clients remain satisfied. We always strive to meet the demands of our clients. Our employees are filled with integrity, so they provide service very efficiently and effectively. Our inspectors perform ship disaster investigations by meeting parties involved in the claim process and ask those questions. They inspect documentation, office and vessels to check if they’re appropriate for the claim. Apart from this we also do covert surveillance investigations.

Litigation support

In litigation matters, we provide support for asset screening, criminal court records, civil court records, criminal history profiling etc.

Claim support

We provide support to people and marine companies involved in claims like damage assessment and cargo claim, prevention of marine loss, inland transit, hull and pleasure craft, risk management and mitigation. Other than this we also provide agents for claim settling.

Our highly experienced expert group of personnel provide very excellent ship investigation report showing causes behind collision, death, injury etc. and information about insurance eligibility. Our investigations are very deep and discreet on both people and marine companies. Our inspectors perform excellent vessel and asset tracking as well as show their expertise in every work.

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