ISM – SMS Development / Gap analysis and Audit

International Safety Management (ISM) Code is meant to ensure all Ships are operated and maintained safely and carry out their routine and non-routine tasks as per required standards. For achieving this, Safety Management System (SMS) Manuals are developed for onboard and office use and to verify the implementation of such processes, regular gap analysis and audits are carried out.


The 3 main pillars of ISM Code are –

  1. Safety of Life / people onboard
  2. Safety of Marine Environment
  3. Safety of Property – Ship and cargo


ISM code is implemented by its stakeholders mainly Ship and its crew, Company office, Administration or Flag State and Verification authority or Classification societies. The ISM code gives guidelines on standard processes a Company has to establish and follow in order to maintain harmonization across its fleet and pool of Seafarers. However, it’s a humongous task to start this process or to develop this culture.


Even, a Company which has its SMS Manuals in place, needs to review them quite regularly and do the desired Gap Analysis in order to sustain with rapidly changing requirements of the Shipping industry. SMS Manuals for Ships are generally reviewed by onboard Management and sent to Office for final review. Similarly Office Management should review these manuals and apply necessary revisions.


Our experienced team has helped numerous Shipping companies to develop and implement following –


  1. ISM SMS Manual Development for Ships and Office
  2. ISM SMS Manual Review
  3. SMC Audit
  4. ISM Gap Analysis and review
  5. Annual Audits and closure assistance

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