ISPS Audit preparation by our Solution Experts

ISPS or “International Ship and Port facility Security” code is an important factor of SOLAS which ensures minimum security arrangements for ports, ships, and government agencies. It helps shipboard facilities, shipping companies, and port personnel to detect security threats and take some preventive measures. ISPS internal audit helps shipping companies to concise accurate reports that help in identifying non-conformities, noteworthy remarks, and observations. These audits can help the operators in removing non-conformities from their ships and provide solutions to various issues.

Our ISPS auditors ensures all the things are taken care of according to our self-designed ISPS audit checklist prior to conducting external ISPS Audits.

The ISPS internal audit by our expert auditors, identifies strengths and weaknesses, verify the procedures are properly controlled, and the codes are being followed. The internal audits are carried out in the office and on board with not more than 12 months intervals. We help your quality and safety management team with an external outlook as per the prevailing requirements of the industry.

The ISPS code external audit helps in verifying international and national laws and the effectiveness of Safety management system. The ISPS external audit is very impartial, and sometimes external auditors can take the side of operators and validate some situations that were discovered during internal audits. The external audit is like double checking to find hidden issues not found in internal audits and our team ensures that your Company and Ships clear these audits smoothly.

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