MLC Inspection And Audit Preparation by Experts

MLC or Maritime Labour Convention according to ILO provides a better perspective on the rights of a seafarer during work and a stringent environment for Ship Owners & Ship Managers to maintain the standards of living for seafarers serving onboard their Ships. MLC Inspection covers the many things such as:

  • Requirements for a seafarer to work on the ship.
  • Accommodation, food and catering, recreational facilities.
  • Conditions of employment.
  • Medical care, health protection, social and welfare security protection.
  • Enforcement and compliance.


By undertaking a MLC Preparation for external MLC Flag State inspection, our Auditor determines the effectiveness and suitability of MLC system of your organization & Shipboard preparedness. The auditor while performing pre MLC audit, takes care of various things and considers many guidelines as laid out by our experience. At the first stage we seek DMLC Part 1 & DMLC Part 2 from your Company, basis which we draft our KPIs for inspection. The MLC audit also covers Crew, union and Company’s agreement of employment and our auditors shall verify all listed information implementation. At the first stage the MLC initial inspection is performed by MLC auditor, and after that, the MLC intermediate audit or MLC intermediate inspection should be done by an organization in between 2 to 2.5 years.

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