Navigational safety audit for your Ships – Need of the Hour

Shipping companies have been bearing the brunt of accidents related to navigation, and the need of a stringent navigational audit has always been on cards of every Ship Owner or Manager. We have a pool of extremely talented and highly experienced Auditors performing Navigational Safety Audit with proven track records in enhancing the Navigation safety of our Clients.

As required by the OCIMF TMSA navigational safety, the ship operator, has to arrange independent reviews on navigation to assess the navigational competence or knowledge of the crew on board. These navigational audits are also conducted after an accident / incident / near miss, or they are also done to improve the navigational steps after the inspection.

The external TMSA Navigational Audit is a performance indicator that helps an operator in reaching the highest level of TMSA programme. It ensures the organization achieves a greater commercial position, high quality, and safety of services.

ECDIS or electronic chart display and information system is a computer-based navigation system that works according to IMO regulations. It integrates position information from GPS and other navigational sensors like radar, automatic identification systems, and fathometer. It also shows sailing directions. To ensure the proper working of the ECDIS and all other functions and systems, ECDIS navigational audit is done.

These audits are announced to prepare better beforehand, but sometimes these audits are unannounced to analyze standards of navigational regulation followed on the ship.

The NAV9000 is a safety standard of NYK. The Nav 9000 audit is done to achieve navigation / vessel safety and protection of the environment. The standard covers various items like International treaties, preventive measures for accidents, International quality standards, requirements from customers, charterers, etc. The Nav Audit Trail helps Ship management companies and seafarers in understanding the operations and importance of safety awareness.

The navigational audits are very important and should be done for following reasons :

  • The increasing number of Navigational incidents or near misses.
  • Avoid increased costs due to Navigational incidents.
  • Avoid depletion of company reputation.
  • Human errors cause these so humans can correct it.

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