On Hire Off Hire Bunker Surveys – Charterer’s Must!

We provide the best services for on hire off hire bunker survey with our highly trained and experienced surveyors. Our on hire and off hire bunker survey transfer the custody of bunker fuel to the charterer from the owner when the charter of the vessel begins and when the charter ends it goes back to the owner.

Just like shortfall is paid by the charterer to the owner, any excess between on-hire quantity and off-hire quantity is paid to the charterer by the owner. While the owner wants lesser quantity at off hire and more at on hire, the charterer will want it the other way.

Bunker being an expensive consumable, the establishment of the exact quantity of onboard is very important between the period of when charter begins and ends. Our bunker ROB or remaining on board survey when performed at the beginning of the charter is referred as a ship on hire survey and when done at the end of the charter is called ship off hire survey.

We appoint a surveyor who gauges the tanks independently and since our surveyors are ex-Seafaring Officers, their approach to the survey is accurate. Our surveyor establishes the actual quantity on board is it off hire survey or on hire survey and ensures to physically gauge all tanks as well as ensuring correctness like recording tank reference heights and comparing them with calibration tables to provide an accurate on hire bunker and condition survey report. Our surveyor physically checks the temperature of each tank and carefully applies the correction factors while calculating the quantity, from various height-levels.

We provide one of the best services for on hire bunker and condition survey due to our expertise and experience in inspection market. We have global coverage and availability of Surveyors to carry out such surveys. We have global SOP and reporting format which all our team adheres.

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arjun44On Hire Off Hire Bunker Surveys – Charterer’s Must!