Pre – Charterer’s Inspection – a must before Hiring a Ship on your Charter

Before taking a ship on hire, it is very important to undergo a Pre – Charterer’s Inspection go through the check on various standard the Ship & its Owner or Manger follow with respect to the Safe operation and condition of the Ship. We have a team of highly experienced inspectors to inspect the ship and make sure that the ship is ready to deliver the best as per your requirements of the trade with lowest rate of downtime or any incidents. The team is there to provide you with the pre-chartering advice through the specific inspection to verify the sustainability of the ship.

With the help of the inspection, our team helps the Charterer to find the hidden or silent issues within the ship, even before hiring her for Voyage Charter, Time Charter or Bareboat Charter. We have a team who is specially trained to look at the overall safety of the ship and make sure that it is maintained according to the safety parameters as required by the Conventions, Flag State Administration & your specific requirements of the trade.

We detect the deficiencies and give the best recommendation to the Charterer. We may also give recommendations or specific items list which are observed during the inspection and can be improved upon before the Charter Party is executed.

After the inspection of the ship, our team prepares a detailed report to be handed over to the Charterer of the ship. With years of experience, our team is here to give you the best services for all your Pre – Charterer Inspections.

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arjun44Pre – Charterer’s Inspection – a must before Hiring a Ship on your Charter