Pre Port State Control Inspection (PSC) – Get Your Ships ready!

The Pre Port State Control Inspection is the lifeline of the shipping and maritime industry. The port state control is not responsible for the safety of the ship, but the safety of the ship is the responsibility of the ship staff and the sailing team onboard the ship. Port State Control Inspections are very stringent and they can even lead upto loss of time or detention of the vessel, in case not handled properly.

We conduct Pre – PSC Inspections for all ships sailing in the international waters. They are required to maintain the international codes and conventions set up by the maritime authorities for maintaining a Safe – Ship. We conduct the inspection of the ship as per the guidelines of prevailing IMO Circular and as per local regulations requirements. All the ships should be maintained at a particular standard which can help them to avoid PSC Detentions. The detention of the ship is the last course of action that is taken in case of detecting the deficiencies onboard. Our team, during their pre visit, shall make a list of all observations which may come up during the next expected PSC inspection and notify the Ship Owners or Mangers of the same. 

We have devised our own KPIs based on our expertise, experience, Vessel Type, Trading Area, PSC MoUs and age of the Vessel which involves the checking of the several aspects of the ship on both the deck as well as in engine department revolving around the Safety, technical requirements & structural ability of the Vessel. Contact us to know more how we can help you reducing the PSC observations for your Vessels. 

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arjun44Pre Port State Control Inspection (PSC) – Get Your Ships ready!