Record keeping Inspections – Ships & Ashore

Our record keeping inspection is very specific and extensive. Starting from internal audits for all types of vessels, to initial vetting inspections for latest developments; we keep a record of all aspects in a comprehensive fashion. Similarly, the client can expect all details regarding the alterations in management vessels. We provide a complete report on tank cleaning processes, including the complacency reports. Our all-inclusive survey includes reports on all sorts of sampling, cargo supervisions, and draft surveys etc cargo related items.

We provide a complete report on pre-vetting and right ship inspection, which also includes the entire detail of the vessel while being at the port. In fact, we provide a comprehensive report of the entire week’s tenure that our inspectors sail. Similar is the case about training sessions as well. We provide a complete report on regular onboard training sessions that is taken place during the pre-vetting inspections. The equivalent report is provided by us for the ship inspections as well.     

We provide a complete report on the training sessions of HSSEQ system. The in-charge officers are provided with complete reports on security arrangements. Apart from all these, the client is provided with an extensive report on tank cleaning processes, along with the details about the supervision and other assistance. Ultimately, we believe in keeping things transparent as it is possible. 

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arjun44Record keeping Inspections – Ships & Ashore