Remote Navigation Complete Audit

Navigational audits are very much important to be conducted to predict & prevent navigational incidents and accidents. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals not only audit, however provide suggestions to correctly implementing appropriate practices, due to which significant reduction in navigational risks appear. Our remote navigational audits are used Worldwide to enhance and verify that Bridge team performance complies with OCIMF TMSA code.

Human error is a very major factor in many shipping accidents and incidents. Our Navigational Audits do take into account this factor as a major concern, however our reports DO NOT reflect a blame culture or transfer of blame to Human Factor only. We intend to find root cause of the incident and ways to continually improve the system instead.

Our auditing process works like this:

  1. The client has to send the VDR data with copies of voyage charts and documents, by any means.
  2. One of our trained auditors reviews their bridge team procedures, passage plan, VDR data, voyage documents etc. against industry best practices and company policies.
  3. Our auditors review the VDR data using analysis software that has been developed according to national accident investigation authorities. We use customized in-house software developed by our IT Wing of the Company to conduct Data Analysis & reporting.
  4. Our auditor then produces a report with recommendations and observations based on findings. The reports include individual vessel, fleet of vessels, all company vessels & World-wide data comparison analysis for benchmarking.
  5. Our audit report includes video clips and screenshots in required places that help in illustrating key points.
  6. Then the reports are sent for review by your management.

Our clients who undergo our remote navigational audit gain many advantages like:

  • We provide our clients with the choice of a particular location and period. The client can choose the approach to a particular transit or port.
  • We provide fixed or known costs allowing them to save on waiting time and variable travel.
  • Our auditors give the ability to the crew to do routine practices and procedures and review them regularly.
  • It is better than a conventional audit as the data here can be replayed or repeatedly paused for the more accurate check.
  • These videos can be used to briefly make the bridge team understand and can be used for communication with the crew more widely.
  • Our auditors ensure the use of VDR data which ensures the VDR functions effectively and crew can learn the use of VDR like downloading and saving data.
  • Our reports are rated Best-in-Shipping-Industry.

Our remote navigation audits are very cost effective. They can be used to identify proper navigation practices to see where improvements are needed and helping the company in reducing the risk associated with navigational accidents and enhancing safety.

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