Ship Accident Investigation in the Marine Transport Sector

Our company provides technical support for Ship Accident Investigation in the Marine transport sector. We carry out inspections determining the causes of an accident as well as take measures to prevent further accidents. We have a team of expert forensic engineers and scientists as well as safety advisors who do incident and accident investigations.

We have representatives around the World which lets us provide effective services and remain committed to our clients to provide them with satisfaction. We always try to meet the clients’ demands. We show integrity and good faith by efficiently providing service.

We start insurance claim investigations by collecting background information about all the individuals that were involved. Our inspectors or surveyors have access to information and databases on witnesses and claimants.

Our inspectors meet the parties who are involved in the claim to ask questions, inspect Vessel and Workplaces, Ports etc and take a photograph to check if it is as per the claim.

We mainly perform covert surveillance in a matter of investigations based on property or casualty insurance claim. We have expert surveyors who document all activities to determine functional capacities, work status etc.

Accident Investigation Cases

Our cargo and marine claims survey and investigation includes investigations, litigation support, liability, prevention of marine loss and risk management like:

  1. Collision.
  2. Grounding.
  3. Personal Incidents like Injury or Death.
  4. Container related Accidents.
  5. Cargo loading, stowage and lashing related Accidents.
  6. Fire, explosion or similar casualty
  7. Navigational Error related Accidents

Claim support

  • Damage assessment or cargo claim.
  • Inland transit.
  • Prevention of marine loss.
  • Hull and pleasure craft.
  • Agents for claim settlings.
  • Risk management and mitigation.

We conduct very deep and discreet investigations into people and marine companies and also asset and vessel tracking. Our investigators show expertise in their every work. Due to our highly experienced and qualified personnel we are able to conduct multiple tasks such as asset searches, covert investigation, discreet due diligence, fraud investigations and many more.

Our cargo and marine accident investigations are one of the most highly recommended. We perform investigations for all hull and cargo claims including tankers, gas carriers, containerized, pleasure craft, bulk and break bulk cargoes. We mainly do maritime accident investigation to determine insurance eligibility, causes behind collision, death, grounding, injury etc.

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