Ship Pre-Purchase Superficial Inspections

The superficial surveys are conducted for the assessment of the technical, machinery, maintenance & operating conditions of the ship. For the smooth functioning of the ship in future, the ship pre purchase inspection is carried out by a team of our auditors. We have a team of industry experts who help to provide detailed and comprehensive solutions to make sure that the ship can fulfill the basic requirements and perform well in the shipping industry before you plan to make the final decision to purchase any Vessel.

Apart from this we also suggest some ideas and opportunities which can help them to convert visions into reality or in other words if you are looking for conversion or modification of the Vessel to meet your trade / charterer specific requirements, we help you assess its possibilities and estimated jobs required. A ship pre-purchase survey helps the owners to understand the conditions or the problem that may be encountered in future. In addition to ship surveys, the surveyors inspect various types of vessels like it may be passengers, tankers (Oil, Chemical or Gas), Containers, Bulk Carriers, Specialized Ships, Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs), PSVs, AHTS or cargo vessels. The vessel pre-purchase survey is conducted mainly to determine whether the vessel is safe for its intended trade with all certification intact. We check for the defects and decide for the repair work that is required. We also check Ship’s condition would meet its Flag State requirements and the requisites of the intended Charter & Trading areas.

The vessel pre-purchase inspection is an important event before any key decision of purchasing a Vessel which reduces the unpredicted expenses to minimum and gives a fair idea of the current monetary value of a Ship. 

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