Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Analysis Services – A Must for Shipping Companies

Voyage Data recorder analysis or commonly known as VDR / SVDR analysis plays an important role for Shipping Companies across the World today. It has become an integral part of Voyage analysis to be done for continuous improvement & training purposes. VDR is meant to save the recent data of Ship’s Navigational movements via recording each and every moment, voice and equipment data. Designed to record any casualty or statistics of an event, Ship owners and managers now realise analysing their fleet VDR data on a regular basis can arrest a casualty from its occurrence at Near-miss stages only, helping investigator to get useful evidence and suggest improvements, thereby training the manpower on compliances and good practices.

With our expertise in analysing VDR recordings of 100s of Ships, our VDR comprehensive reports help the investigators hugely. Some benefits of the VDR analysis are:

  • Provides valuable information for the ship owners & managers about the near-misses.
  • Helpful for creating procedures to avoid accidents.
  • Can be used for training schemes.
  • Effective in controlling of performance productivity.
  • Helps in improving safety.
  • Helps in minimisation of running costs including Fuel savings / equipment statuses etc.
  • Comparative Data Analytics via VDR analysis report.

The VDR quietly and continuously monitors the normal professional work on the bridge. It can be used effectively to review own operations by the bridge team. This practice helps in the improvement of self analysis, familiarity with routine data removal as well as check on the recorded data quality.

Another type of recorder is S-VDR or simplified voyage data recorder prescribed by the IMO or international maritime organisation. The SVDR analysis is a simplified version or lower value of VDR installed in small ships.

What you get in Comprehensive VDR analysisReports?

We draft a complete VDR analysis report which is acceptable standard to any auditing authority including TMSA, OCIMF etc. Few of the many items which form a part of the VDR analysis report are –

  1. Introduction of the event for which VDR / SVDR analysis is being done
  2. Complete background of the situation
  3. Explanation of event
  4. Screenshots and pointers for each critical expalnation
  5. All Good Practices undertaken
  6. All Near-misses occurred
  7. All Observations occurred
  8. All Non-Conformances occurred
  9. Reference of Rules & Regulations each of above is not complying
  10. Suggestions for Good practices
  11. Training needs & Suggestions
  12. Comparative analysis with Industry Metrics


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