Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) Audit Services

Tanker Management and Self-assessment audit (TMSA), as sponsored by Oil Companies International marine forum (OCIMF) are standards which have become a must for all Tanker Owners and Operators to Comply. TMSA programme was introduced in 2004 with an intention to improve safety management of Tanker operators. TMSA is based on numerous KPIs which operators can assess themselves upon and lay out phased continuous improvement plan. TMSA not only is an auditing system, however, it actually improves overall standards of an operator with increased safety metrics, year by year.


TMSA Compliances are an absolute necessity to survive in the World-wide tanker market and its becoming strenuous task for small or mid-size operators. WorkShip Solutions offers their years of expertise in making it lot simpler by helping such Tanker owners and operators to comply by its services of TMSA audits as below –


  1. TMSA Audit preparation
  2. TMSA Office Audits
  3. TMSA Navigational Audits
  4. TMSA Audit Training


With our self-designed result-oriented OCIMF TMSA Audit Checklist, we ensure we comply with each of the TMSA listed KPIs as per the operational level of the Tanker owner or Tanker operator. Whether it may be Chevron TMSA Audit, Shell TMSA Audit, BP TMSA Audit or any other Oil Major audit, WorkShip Solutions is a preferred auditing service provider for all such 2nd Party audits and to improve their overall TMSA ratings, acceptable to OCIMF TMSA.

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