What Makes Us The Most Reliable Service Provider For Pre-Vetting Inspection Of Tankers?

Are you looking for reliable pre-vetting inspection provider for your oil tankers? If yes, we can provide you the most assuring result in a cost-effective way. Our prime aim while providing these services has been to ensure the clients about accomplishing tanker quality and safety standards for the ships. If you go through OCIMF SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaire Analysis of various Ships and learn about the best standards in this industry, we can make you evident about the improvement in your fleet, through our inspection services.  

How We Approach?

We have prepared an experience based practical sets of pre-vetting inspection KPIs as per the Oil Major & Vetting Inspector specific requirements. Being consistently involved with quality checking process, we understand well about the right standard to be maintained for this industry. We strictly follow uniform inspection protocol for pre-vetting inspection services.  Our inspection protocol focuses on the terms like OCIMF Vessel Inspection Questionnaire, company specific procedures, Ship’s age, Ship’s trading areas, Crew member nationality, various required Matrix, Oil major requirements, Charterer specific requirement, Trade specific requirement and many more such parameters. 

The prime purpose of setting these features is to maintain the uniformity of the program. It makes things user-friendly, at the same time maintaining a greater level of accuracy that is essential for our Shipping industry. Our pre-vetting inspectors are well aware of the modern day standard, being enriched through our large resource of technical and functional details. All these are extremely relevant for the oil industry, in terms of ensuring them whether the vessels are in proper conditions or about their maintenance standard. Our suggestions enriched with a higher level of vetting information can lead to enhancement of the ships from a qualitative point of views, improving its standard for greater safety and maintenance. 

Get The Complete Range Of Survey And Inspection Services:

Being a renowned consultant, we can provide the whole range of survey and inspection services, starting from Pre-Vetting Inspection of oil tankers to inspection of chemical tankers. We are dependable for bulk carrier inspection, and internal audits for a whole range / type of vessels. One can expect the best training for the crew of the vessel, including initial vetting companion for new developments and alterations in managing the vessels. At the same time, we also offer the entire types of super-cargo services and tanker surveys. We have an explicit team of tank cleaning to inspect and assist in tank cleaning process.

Our Pre-Vetting Inspection service includes a whole day (or two) observation of the vessel, at the port itself. For extensive level inspection and detailed analysis, our inspectors sail the vessel onboard for a time period of one week to ten days. The process includes complete training segments, while the pre-vetting ship inspection process goes on. These are based on team management, security aspects, and HSSEQ system of the company. If demanded, we can provide any specific training as per the client wishes. 

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arjun44What Makes Us The Most Reliable Service Provider For Pre-Vetting Inspection Of Tankers?