Witness The Highest Standard Of Pre-Vetting Inspection for Gas Tankers – LPG & LNG

Experienced in-house technical committees handle our advanced pre-vetting inspection for LPG, LNG Gas Tankers. We address the Chemical Distribution Institute – CDI Inspections preparation questionnaires thoroughly, which is highly desired by the chemical industries. We give our Clients an extensive report on risk assessment process. A comprehensive report is provided for Ship Owners, Ship Managers & bulk storage terminals, the prime objective of which is to meet the regulatory and industry standard.    

We Follow The Best Standard:

Our pre-vetting inspection process involves preparation of following complete management and operational standards. At the same time, our inspectors ensure these standards are being followed by the shore personnel as well, as per the CDI requisities. Reports are provided for the thorough understanding of inspected data. On this context, we keep it simple and straight to the point that would give the real picture. 

Our Pre-Vetting Inspection for LPG or LNG gas tankers provide a thorough assessment of measures as per the globally accepted standard. In fact, CDI doesn’t set a different standard for different regions; it provides a consistent set of measurements on a global basis for arrangements in the process of risk manipulation. However, our KPIs are designed to meet specific requirements as per Ship’s age, trade, owner, manager, charterer & flag. 

CDI thoroughly acknowledges our pre-vetting inspectors. Our inspectors have requisite certificates, along with the essential qualifications required for the concerned industry. Moreover, they all are quite experienced in dealing with various activities associated with the Gas Tanker industry. Meeting the CDI standards thoroughly, they ensure that the inspection process is perfectly executed, and the questionnaires are perfectly addressed.

Internal Audits:

If needed, we can provide complete training for crew members, in accordance with the HSSEQ system of the owner. Thorough internal audits for the whole range of vessels are also conducted, at the same time we inspection to assist in safe management of vessels. We also provide specialized services for complete range of Tank Cleaning operations. 

All-inclusive Pre-Vetting Inspection for Gas Tankers including LPG and LNG tankers, involves one or couple of days visit onboard. For extensive inspection and in-depth analysis, our inspectors don’t mind staying within the vessel for a week or more days as well. The pre-vetting inspection process also involves on-board training segments. All these training methods involve following HSSEQ standard set by the company, along with manuals of operational aspects. We are flexible to provide any technical assistance as well. 


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arjun44Witness The Highest Standard Of Pre-Vetting Inspection for Gas Tankers – LPG & LNG